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Floor Preparation

For existing wooden floors, we carry out all necessary preparation work that is required prior to floor sanding. This includes removal of carpet, punching of nails and filling of nail holes and gaps.

Floor Sanding and Finishing

At Coast Flooring we can sand all hardwood floors both residential and commercial. Whether it is a new or existing floor with our top of the range machinery and best in business craftsmen you can assure quality is guaranteed.

We offer the choice of Moisture-cure Polyurethane or Waterborne Polyurethane.

Moisture-cure Polyurethane

Moisture-cured (Solvent based) Polyurethane is the most durable and hard-wearing of all coating choices.

Key benefits:
*Non slip surface
*Hard-wearing and scratch resistant
*Heat and chemical resistant
*Low maintenance
*Available in Lo-Sheen, Satin and Gloss finishes

Waterborne Polyurethane

Waterborne Polyurethane combines environmental responsibility with quick dry times and high durability.

Key benefits:
*Ultimate durability
*Low VOC
*Non-yellowing surface
*Low odour
*Available in Matt and Semi-gloss finishes


Staining and Blonding

Like the look of a darker timber? Enjoy creative freedom and versatility with numerous colours and finishing options to match or contrast your interior. Stained floor will enhance or change the colour of the floor without loosing the natural character and beauty of the wood.

Blonding gives the timber a lighter appearance while allowing the timbers natural character to show through.

Stairs Sanding

Stairways sanding require more delicate touch and precision with their awkward shapes and fiddly corners. Whether you like a natural finish, staining or blonding on your stairs, we can achieve the look to your desire.


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